We Command The Wolves (2010)


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released October 27, 2010

All songs recorded and mixed by Torm Moon at Dunkelduster Studios between winter 2009 and summer 2010


tags: metal Berlin


all rights reserved


OCCVLTA Berlin, Germany

2010 Live Evil Double LP Compilation
2010 We command the wolves Demo Tape lim. 333
2010 We command the wolves Demo CD lim. 100
2010 Thuringian Supremacy CD Compilation
2012 Split 7" w/ Salute
2012 US-Reissue of the Demo Tape lim. 150

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2017 LP
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Track Name: Black Wind Desecration Horde
When the sun sets in the west
The night sends out the storm winds
In the woods the darkness grows
Down the hills and mountains

Black wind desecration horde

The awakening of hell on earth
The hordes of eternal winter conquer the horizon
Now we command the wolves
With our teeth deep in your flesh

Black wind desecration horde

Oh you kings who rule the world
Oh you masters walking earth
Here comes fire melting stones
Here comes the infernal horde
Track Name: Starring At The Lake
I see your head
Down in the water
Of the old lake
Like a torch
A forebode the way to death

Come on reverend
Follow me to the dawn
Of a new morning
Down to the ground
Of the old lake
The torch burns on

And the Wind wispers a secret
I can hardly understand
But he talks about you

Between highest mountains
Glacial rocks on top
I sit and I wait
I'm starring at the lake
Track Name: Blood Messiah
On the seventh day after the storm
When the ashes are gone with the wind
Walking skeletons with empty eyes turns their back to life and face their end
This is the work of true masters
Masters of misantrophy
Stone upon stone masons of death
Build the pavement of the devils home
Behind the barbwired fence reigns the devil
And his demons with their black skin
In the cold kingdom of the blood messiah
Track Name: Witch Was Dead
As I walked the green fields in the morning
The fog was kissing my ankles and knees
I arrived the old tree
By the rivers behind the hills
When I saw schemes in the rear
Coming closer and closer to me
I saw it in the peoples faces
Mother and Father they were laughing at me
The witch was already dead
She was burning in the fire
The smell of death lay in the air
I came to late to see
Track Name: Metal Chain
I got the metal chain around my fist
In the night I take no risk
You wait for me in the dark
Blood in the gutter when we part

Metal Chain

You wait for me in the dark
Blood in the gutter when we part
When I have left let's get the rest
In the misty morning light they clean the streets

Possess your soul in my sacred pleasure
Desecrate your temple is my unholy art
With words of lust I poison your ear
From a tower of flesh I unleash my spell
Fists of evil let's raise hell
Tortured by dreams of grief and putrid stench
My dreams will become real tonight
Track Name: Where Is The Winter
Born into a world
That is twisted by christian morals
There is a fine line between me and you
We have nothing in common

Where is the winter
I can't see it in your eyes
You crawl in the mud
You live a miserable life

Oh you weak and misguided
You are wearing a mask
But you're hiding is your holy soul

Where is the winter
I can't see it in your eyes
You crawl in the mud
And the gods arise

In the winter there is cold
Too cold for you
In the winter you need the guts to survive
You think you are a desecrator
But you are a worthless poser
You think you feel the necrofrost
Well, I don't feel cold at all